Gabriel Alejandro López López

Technology entrepreneur who also likes to explore other business areas. Advocate of free and open technologies on which he has based most of his career as a software developer for the last 10 years. Passionate about creating new products and services that can positively influence people's lives.

Software Engineer

Website: Email: Phone: +5358074332

Technology entrepreneur who also likes to explore other business areas. Advocate of free and open technologies on which he has based most of his career as a software developer for the last 10 years. Passionate about creating new products and services that can positively influence people’s lives.


Address: 4924, 56th Avenue Postal code: 55100 City: Cienfuegos Country code: CU Region: Cienfuegos



CEO & Co-Founder at Daxslab

2014 - Present: Software engineering and development micro-company specialized in applying agile methodologies for web, mobile and desktop projects. With the shortest delivery times, what is essential for us is that you get the results you are looking for in the minimum time and at the lowest possible cost: we only build what is essential at any given time. We love to share our ideas. We believe that the free and open source software movements have opened the way to high quality agile software development. For that reason we feel the need to contribute to the community with the same quality that we have received.

Fullstack Web Developer at TechniqueWeb

2020 - Present

Instructor/Consultant at CubaEmprende

2015 - Present: Teaching the 'Marketing and Administration' and 'Sales and Customer Service' modules of the Taller Emprende. I also provide especilized advice to entrepreneurs in these areas.

Host at Marilope Hostal

2016 - 2020: Receiving guests from all over the world and helping them to experience and enjoy the best of Cienfuegos city

Senior web developer at TennisCall

2019 - 2020: Fullstack web developer for improving players profiles and adding features like court management and local leagues, among others.

Professor at Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez

2012-09-30 - 2015: Professor of Data Structures 1 and Data Structures 2 (Java), Business Application Development (Java) and Web Programming (PHP). Trained students for competitive programming contests.

Volunteer & Open source

Software Developer at University of Havana

2020-03-31 - Present: Working on Covid19 Cubatadata dashboard.

Architect at TODO Devs

2019-12-31 - Present: Flutter application to improve the experience of the users when using USSD codes for services provided by ETECSA telecomms operator in Cuba.

Software Developer at CubaWeather

2019-12-31 - Present: Developing Cuba Weather platform.

Software Developer at Daxslab

2019-08-19 - Present: Yii2 CMS module to implement a website.

Maintaner at Cuban Opensource

2019-06-15 - Present: Awesome list of Cuban open source projects. Just to know what is being openly developed in Cuba…

Software Developer at Daxslab

2018-01-09 - Present: Yii2 component to generate image thumnails of any size.

Software Developer at Daxslab

2017-12-25 - Present: Automates file uploading for every attribute tagged with file or image validation rule. It also configures the way that filename should be renamed and stored in database as attribute value.

Software Developer at Daxslab

2017-12-24 - Present: Extension to help setup the standard HTML meta tags besides the ones defined by Opengraph and TwitterCard to contribute to website SEO.


  • 2013 - 2015 | Business Administration , Master of Science (MSc) at Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez. Score: 5/5
  • 2012 - 2013 | English , Postgraduate at Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez. Score: 5/5
  • 2015 - 2015 | Taller Emprende, Business Administration and Management , Workshop at CubaEmprende.
  • 2012 - 2012 | Geospatial data infrastructures , Posgraduate at Universidad de Ciencias Informaticas.
  • 2012 - 2013 | Pedagogy , Postgraduate at Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez.
  • 2013 - 2013 | Softcomputing , Postgraduate at Universidad de Ciencias Informáticas.
  • 2007-09-01 - 2012-05-15 | Informatics Engineering , Bachelor at Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez. Score: 5.45/5
  • 2012 - 2015 | English , Pre-Intermediate English at Good News Language Institute. Score: 96/100


Best student in Research and Development
Universidad de Cienfuegos

Award given to the graduating students with outstanding activity in research and development in projects not included in regular curriculum.


  • Software Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Web Development
    • PHP
    • Yii PHP Framework
    • CodeIgniter
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Javascript
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • Ajax
    • Responsive Web Design
  • Desktop development
    • C++
    • Python
    • Qt
    • Java
  • Database design
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite
  • Systems
    • Linux
    • Apache
  • Others
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Customer Service


  • Spanish - Native Speaker
  • English - Fluent


  • Speed skating


Tuve la suerte de que el Gabo fuera mi profesor de Estructura de Datos en segundo año de la carrera, uno de los mejores que tuve en mi época de estudiante, aprendí un moton de el. Eternamente agradecido
— Jose Manuel Mclanghlin Matienzo
Un profesional competente , muy bien preparado, emprendedor, capaz de afrontar nuevas metas y salir exitoso, experto en desarrollo de aplicaciones, muy buen compañero de equipo.
— Adrián Fonseca Vega
He trabajo con Gabriel en desarrollo de proyectos de software, muy resolutivo, posee un amplio conocimiento en el ámbito del software y las tecnologías libres, emprendedor por naturaleza y un pedazo de persona. Sencillamente alguien en quien depositar la confianza de desarrollo de un proyecto, sin lugar a dudas.
— Ibrahim Martín Lorenzo
Excelente desarrollador web, multiples proyectos en su cartera hacen de Gabriel un profesional en el sector de desarrollo web. Altamente responsable y serio en su trabajo. Lo recomiendo notablemente.
— Erich J. Garcia Cruz
Excellent and focused developer, very good transmitting and creating ideas. Great as a teammate, has a really well skilled developer with lots of experience.
— Sandy Pérez
Gabriel is an excellent developer, with experience in developing web, desktop and mobile systems. He is a great professional with a strong background in object-oriented programming, data structures, and design patterns. I have worked alongside you in the development of two successful projects of medium complexity: development of a ISO-9001-nonconformity management system and development of a billing system. It is very good for teamwork, with tight schedules and under pressure.
— Luis Enrique García Hernández
Gabriel es un excelente profesional he estudiado con él los 5 años de la universidad y luego participado en otros proyectos liderados por él de forma exitosa agregando valor a los clientes y logrando la transformación digital. Constamente está investigando, desarrollando soluciones y capacitando para que muchas personas desarrollen su potencial utilizando la tecnología.
— Yadira María Montero Rodríguez
I had the priviledge of studying and working with Gabriel. He is a high skilled worker, proactive, result oriented, responsible and an excelent team player. He is an outstanding project lead with excelent aptitudes. I highly recommend that Gabriel is a great asset to any company.
— José Armando Menéndez Clavijo
Emprendedor por naturaleza, muy buen programador, abnegado y preocupado por su familia. Lo recomiendo para cualquier team, incluso como líder.
— Lázaro Borroto
Has been always a pleasure to work with Gabriel Alejandro. He communicates directly and concise his ideas providing always insightful information about the project in question. He keeps a good eye on the product quality, and delivers its results accurately in time. In general I can recommend him to do whatever activity he thinks he is able to do.
— David Paz
Recomiendo totalmente a Gabriel por su profesionalidad y excelente personalidad. Es muy dedicado a su trabajo y amante del software abierto. Es muy agradable el trabajo en equipo y en los momentos donde he necesitado su ayuda me la ha dado con gran gusto.
— Leynier Gutiérrez González
Excelente profesional, alto nivel en programación, abstracción y sistemas operativos. Confiable e innovador. Excelente expresión oral, líder y motivador de su entorno. Sabe trabajar estupendamente en equipo. Domina muchas tecnologías y sistemas.
— Rewer Miguel Canosa Reyes